Two Centuries of Delicious History

The unique confection known as "Floedeboller" was invented in Denmark over 200 years ago and has been in steady production, and steady demand, ever since. It is not only "Denmark's favorite cookie" but is also popular in several other northern European countries, such as Germany, Sweden and Norway.

The singular taste of Floedeboller cannot be compared with any other cookie or candy. It is a low fat treat that millions of people enjoy every day, made with simple, classic ingredients such as chocolate and egg whites, with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

In Denmark, a country of 5.2 million people, 2.5 million Floedeboller are currently being produced daily. Approximately half of these are produced by the familyrun company Give Konfekture A/S, at their facility in Jutland, Denmark's agricultural heartland.

We at Floedebolle Inc. are working closely with Give Konfekture A/S to bring Floedeboller to the United States. Give Konfekture A/S has a solid record of excellence and a core group of key personnel who have been in the Floedebolle business for more than 25 years.

The key words for our business are freshness and flexibility. All of our cookies are made to order - we deliver only fresh products. In lieu of maintaining large quantities of stock, we concentrate on providing quick turn-around between order placement and fulfillment. Due to our highly specialized equipment, we are also able to customize different styles of Floedeboller to suit our clients' individual needs and requests.

Our demands for the highest quality on all levels surpass government regulations, and our team is constantly innovating in order to create new products that will keep your customers coming back for more.

The Birth of a Floedebolle

One of the things that make Floedebolle unique is its light, meringue-like center. (The word "Floedebolle" translates into English as "cream ball") Sugar, egg whites, and other natural ingredients are whipped together at super high speed to create a light, foamy mixture that is then portioned individually onto the crisp, waffle-patterned base for each cookie.

Once the "foam" has set, the cookies are coated with chocolate glaze. Dark chocolate is the traditional choice and the Floedebolle can additionally then be sprinkled with shredded coconut. Our Floedeboller are now complete, but must cool completely before being packed, so they are run through a special cooling tunnel.

Once cooled, the delicate cookies are packed by hand into protective plastic retail containers, which are then placed into boxes, loaded onto pallets, and ready to be shipped.

In order to guarantee our standards for excellence, we use only the highest quality ingredients, and regularly test samples at each stage of the production and packaging process.

Labelling, Packaging And Display

Because we operate exclusively as a private label producer, your Floedebolle packaging can be customized to showcase your store name and/or in-store brand.

We can also provide beautifully designed in-store displays that will grab your shoppers' attention and highlight the newest addition to your baked goods department:
Denmark's Favorite Cookie, the Floedebolle!

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Product Line

In our initial foray into the US market, we are introducing 4 size variations of Floedebolle.

Mallow (54 %) with chocolate coating (33%). Nutritional Values
With coconut decoration. pr. 3,527 oz. (100 g):
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, water, vegetable fat, Kj/Kcal: 1730/410
wheat flower, coco powder, coconut, emulsifier (E322). Protein 3 %
Flavoring aroma: Vanilla, Stabilizer (E406), Carbohydrate: 62 %
Storage: Store cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Fat: 17 %

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